Laughing Cherub Self-hypnosis CD created specifically for actors; SORRY, CDS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED

 a Laughing Cherub Unlimited Self-hypnosis CD Produced and Narrated by
Mary Elizabeth Raines

Now with 100% recycled and recyclable CD holders!

We at Laughing Cherub Unlimited are excited to tell you about this remarkable recording--one of Broadway and Hollywood's great secrets--  offering deep relaxation and guided imagery to improve, enhance and polish your acting skills, whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, a nationally recognized instructor of hypnosis and former acting coach, guides you on this remarkable journey where you will access your talents, boost your abilities and strengthen your confidence.

Woven into the background are the soft sounds of gentle waves and healing pulsations especially formulated to provide you with a rich and profound experience.

Track Length: 29:2 minutes

All CDs ©2002 by Mary Elizabeth Raines
all rights reserved

OUR LAUGHING CHERUB CDS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED; stay tuned for MP3 downloads, coming sooN!

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