JOURNEY TO YOUR DEEP PAST: Sorry, CDs no longer available

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We at Laughing Cherub Unlimited are excited to tell you about this remarkable recording, our most popular, offering a safe and profound exploration into your past lives. The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, a nationally recognized past-life regressionist, guides you on this remarkable healing journey into your own deep past life regression, with suggestions that you will access only material which will be beneficial for you.

Woven into the background are the soft sounds of healing pulsations especially formulated to provide you with a rich and profound experience during your  regression.

Track 1. Introduction and Preparation Exercises (8:08 min.)

Track 2. Full Past-life Regression (39:23 min.)


Friends: Our Laughing Cherub CDs have been discontinued; stay tuned for MP3 downloads!


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