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Dear Friends:

Are you interested in expert hypnosis training to learn how to become a hypnotist as an adjunct to your current profession? If so, please visit the ACADEMY FOR PROFESSIONAL HYPNOSIS TRAINING or call (928) 282-2640. (We are unable to receive texts) Please scroll down the page for email.

Our school offers an intensive nine- or ten-day hypnosis certification course with thorough advanced-level instruction. Tuition is less than the cost of a good computer, and generous early-enrollment discounts are always available.

Classes are held in our Red Rock Classroom in Sedona, Arizona, at the Sedona Creative Life Center, or in Southern California (Hyatt House, El Segundo/Manhattan Beach, 3 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport). For complete details about this expert training, offered in conjunction with the National Guild of Hypnotists, please go to our Academy web site.

Warm regards,
Mary Elizabeth Raines, Director



February 29-March 8, 2020
Red Rock Classroom in Sedona, AZ

CALL TODAY: 928-282-2640
(We are unable to receive texts)




  • "The hypnosis class was a total mind and body experience. The learning experience was both intense and comfortable. What a jazz! Thank you so much for opening the door for me."

    Rebecca Salas, Lake Forest, CA

  • "[An] amazing opportunity to walk safely into a new, fascinating dimension. Thanks so much. It was a great investment of my time and money!"

    Janet Trychin, Eerie, PA

  • "'It blew my mind on every level! We covered, experienced and practiced extensively all different aspects of hypnosis. I feel very confident about applying the material we used in class."

    Karine Roman, Sherman Oaks, CA

  • "A wonderful and life-changing experience. I enjoyed being exposed to all of the different hypnosis techniques and all of the hands-on training [in a] a caring and loving environment. It is hard to put into words what a profound experience this has been."

    Charlotte Torgerson, Manhattan Beach, CA

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Note: all student testimonials are in writing, signed and dated. Permission to copy these testimonials solely given to Mary Elizabeth Raines and the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training.

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