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Smoking CessationBe a star!

Be a star!Weight Control

Elimination of InsomniaBe a star!

Be a star!Boosting Confidence

Relief from StressBe a star!

Be a star!Enhancing Acting Ability

  HypnobirthBe a star!

Be a star!Tapping into Intuition

Improved HealingBe a star!

Be a star!Forgiveness

Plastic Surgery BoostBe a star!

Be a star!Public Speaking Ease

Dental ComfortBe a star!

Be a star!Pain Reduction

 Freedom from Impotence/FrigidityBe a star!

Be a star!Deep Relaxation

  Eliminate StammeringBe a star!

Be a star!Releasing Old Patterns

Enhance PerformanceBe a star!

Be a star!Eliminate Anxieties Guided Imagery

Reach Higher WisdomBe a star!

Be a star!Regression to Cause

Past-life RegressionBe a star!




Today's credentialed hypnotherapist Unlike their images in the old B-movies, modern hypnotists don't slink around in weird clothing, act mysterious or stare menacingly into their victim's eyes!
Today's credentialed hypnotherapist On the contrary, today's credentialed hypnotherapist is a respected professional who has been certified, after many hours of education, by a well-established international organization which requires continuing education, such as The National Guild of Hypnotists.
Today's credentialed hypnotherapist! She is someone who delights in assisting others to reach their greatest potential and their optimum state of emotional, physical & spiritual health, through proven techniques recognized by the American Medical Association.
Today's credentialed hypnotherapist! Mary Elizabeth Raines, Director of Laughing Cherub Unlimited Hypnosis, an internationally recognized hypnotist who has hypnotized thousands of people is just such a hypnosis professional, whether seeing clients in her private hypnotherapy practice, leading workshops & seminars, writing about hypnosis, training new hypnotists at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training, giving lectures, or entertaining audiences onstage as LADY RAINEY.


Please note: While extremely powerful and valuable, hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment and/or appropriate counseling/self-discovery. Physicians’ referrals may be required. Although hypnosis is an amazing and effective tool for change, healing, release and empowerment, it is not a cure-all. Nothing is! Nor is hypnosis to be confused with magic. Hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958.

(For further information about hypnosis, go to Hypnosis Q & A.)


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