GET PUMPED TO STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD! (CD has been discontinued)
a Laughing Cherub Unlimited guided imagery CD © 2007

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Quit cigarettes and stop smoking with this hypnosis and guided imagery CD!

We at Laughing Cherub Unlimited are pleased to offer you this important new hypnosis CD which offers deep relaxation, safe hypnosis and guided imagery to motivate you or your loved one to stop smoking for good when YOU build your desire and readiness to become smoke-free whenever you are ready! It can also be used to boost your determination to remain smoke-free after you have quit smoking.

The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, a nationally recognized instructor of hypnosis, guides you on this empowering and safe journey. Woven into the background are soft healing pulsations and nature sounds especially formulated to provide you with a rich and deeply relaxing experience.

  • Track length: 23 min., 31 sec.

"I was a chain smoker for 30 years. Had quit a few times, but it was torture. After using your CD, I have been able to quit with no problem. The thought still crosses my mind, but it is easy to brush it aside."

D. Barnes, Pennsylvania





Mary Elizabeth Raines

FRIENDS, THIS CD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. STAY TUNED FOR MP3 DOWNLOADS! I, like you or someone you care about, used to be a smoker. I was a heavy smoker, a chain smoker, and boy, do I understand what it feels like to be a slave to cigarettes.

Guess what? 
It's been nearly 40 years since I smoked my last cigarette! I want you to be able to experience the same success kicking the habit that I was able to have.

Because of this, in the 1990s, I produced my first stop-smoking hypnosis tape, "Stop Smoking for GOOD!" It is no longer on the market; you cannot buy this recording anywhere. I pulled it off the shelves. Why?

I suddenly realized that among the thousands of people I encounter in my work, I have never come across a single person who has been able to quit smoking simply by listening to a hypnosis recording! In fact, when people listen to a CD telling them to quit smoking right away, and are unable to do so, that recording actually reinforces defeat and does the opposite of what it's meant to do.

Although people would still like to purchase our stop-smoking recording, I refuse to sell something that doesn't work. My interest is in helping people in a way that is both effective and honest.

What people need is a recording to help motivate them to stop smoking when they are ready.

Because we have had glowing reports of people experiencing powerful success and motivation after listening to our other hypnosis CD titles, we know that such recordings can be incredibly effective. So after careful planning, we have put together our latest recording:

"Get Ready to Stop Smoking for GOOD!"

This CD pumps and motivates you with the desire, determination and confidence to quit smoking when you choose...whenever you are ready to become a nonsmoker, whether that be in an hour, a day or a year.

It can also be used for those of you who have already stopped smoking and want to boost your success and wellbeing!


Now with 100% recycled and recyclable CD holders...

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Enjoy your hypnosis CD!


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