Hypnosis Relaxation CD from Laughing Cherub (Sorry, this CD has been discontinued)

Our Best Guided Imagery and Self-Hypnosis CD for Deep Relaxation


 a Laughing Cherub Unlimited self-hypnosis CD © 2002
Produced and Narrated by
Mary Elizabeth Raines


DEAR FRIENDS: THIS CD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Stay tuned for MP3 downloads, coming soon!....We at Laughing Cherub invite you to enjoy the win-win ease of listening to this soothing, safe relaxation hypnosis recording from a trusted name as you settle back in the comfort of your own home.

This breakthrough Hypnosis recording offers profound and deep hypnotic imagery to help you release tension, reduce stress, sleep more deeply and relax...to heighten your sense of comfort and calm.

The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, a nationally recognized hypnotist and guided imagery expert, who has appeared on television and been heard on radio, guides you to a serene and safe natural setting on a tranquil shore on this pleasurable journey, with suggestions that you will easily accept only those peaceful words which will be beneficial and healthy for you. Woven into the background are the soft sounds of gentle waves and healing pulsations especially formulated to provide you with a rich and deeply relaxing experience. We are sure you will enjoy this recording and use it time and time again!

  • Track 1. Relaxation Hypnosis with Suggestions for Awakening (23:50 min.)
  • Track 2. Identical Relaxation Hypnosis with Suggestions for Continuing into Sleep (23:39 min.)

To help save the earth: now with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard CD holders!




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