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  • "I've had a weight problem all my life. I've tried every diet that's out there. Last year my daughter found Mary Elizabeth Raines on the internet. That was the best thing that ever happened. Through hypnosis with Mary Elizabeth, it helped me in my eating habits. Since then I've been losing weight, and I still am. I've also been on three different anti-depressants the last ten years. Mary Elizabeth Raines helped me with depression much more than the medication did. I feel like I got my life back again! I'm a much more positive person now."

    A. Zimmer, Hairdresser

  • "I still cannot believe the difference you and hypnosis have made in my life... Unbelievable!"

M. Gardener, Emergency Room Receptionist

  • "When the dentist said I would experience intense pain, I was just shaking. Mary Elizabeth came in and started helping me relax. I felt no pain! I couldn't have gotten through it without her."

J. Ehrhardt, Nurse

  • "Ms. Raines has helped me overcome fears and insecurities I had harbored for years and years. After only a couple of sessions with her my friends and teachers started to notice that I was calmer, more relaxed and, most importantly, more confident...I finally ceased worrying about what other people might think of me...I owe it to her that I am finally rid of those self-imposed restraints and am able to just do whatever I want to without second-guessing myself. Thank you so much, Mary Elizabeth."

Toby Sheldon, Actor

  • "Mary Elizabeth Raines is wonderful at giving of herself and truly an asset to her profession. I found myself giggling all the way back to the office. What a great feeling!"

Ann Breiting, "New London Press-Star"
from article featuring Ms. Raines

  • "I was so happy with it! It only took one session, as you suggested it would. I did two scenes crying on cue. The hypnosis opened like another passage that I had locked away, and made it easier for me to let the tears out. The hypnotism totally worked!"

Hollywood Actress

(Permission to use above quote, but name withheld for client confidentiality)

  • "Mary Elizabeth Raines is a lovely, funny, genuine and very talented lady and I feel honored that she has touched my life. She...was incredible and has left me with lots of food for thought."

C. Wade, Jewelry Designer

  • "I've been doing really well, and I've been listening to the CD and that really helps me too. It puts me right out!!! Thank you so much for your help. I've lost 4 pounds already!! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning."

J. Yorton, Medical Transcriber

  • "I am grateful to have found Mary Elizabeth Raines. Sometimes there are things in a person's life you just want to forget, but that's not always possible. Mary Elizabth helped me deal and work through these things. I would have never been able to do this on my. She really knows how to relate and work with people. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

    H. Zimmer, RN

  •  "I have never met anyone as talented as Mary Elizabeth Raines. She is a true Renaissance woman. Talent pours out of her like water from a fountain."

R. Lane, High School Teacher & Counselor

  • "When Mary Elizabeth says, 'Let's take a little journey,' she's ready to go to work. She can help you quit smoking and make your straight-laced Aunt Clara imitate Elvis."

S. Von Ryzin, "Waupaca County Post"
from article featuring Ms. Raines

  •  "I have to admit when I came [for my first hypnosis session] I wasn't sure of anything. I totally didn't know what to expect. Before coming there I was thinking of holding up a pharmacy to get 40 weight loss patches to stick them to my behind (all at once of course). Just kidding! Seriously though - I guess on Monday I really started to feel different. I went to work and was happy! ...Oh, one more thing. I already lost 10 lbs! Wicked, hey?! Cool!"

B. Schultz, Casino Receptionist

  • "You saved my life. I would never have survived my surgery if you hadn't helped me quit smoking."

B. Otto, Cancer Survivor


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  • "My husband and I both believe that it is a deep spiritual gift that Mary Elizabeth possesses and shares freely with those in need. She clearly channels Divine energy to help a person to heal her soul.

    "Both my husband's and my lives have been enriched by her spiritual ministry to us through hypnosis. She uses the technique to help a person to enter deeply into areas that he may identify as blocked for him and to aid the person in opening the pathways for Spirit's healing.

    "Mary Elizabeth is a person of utmost spiritual integrity. She is extremely gifted in what she does and there is no doubt that this is a gift of the Spirit which she uses with a sense of awe, acknowledging its source in Divine power.

    "Those who choose working with her should experience a powerful deepening of their spiritual life, while experiencing the lightness and joy with which Mary Elizabeth walks lightly over the Earth."


S. Raven, Teacher

  • "Mary Elizabeth Raines, a certified hypnotherapist, has helped me on numerous occasions to have the confidence and attitude to succeed.

"Many of our phobias or blocks to success are based on learned behavior from our past or even, I believe, at a cellular level from past lives. All it takes is a small shift in our thinking to affect great change in our response to many situations.

"I had a tremendous fear of speaking in public, specifically to people whom I determined were my colleagues or, heaven forbid, my superiors. I also had difficulty with "freezing up" during timed tests. I tried everything, from medication to meditation, but nothing helped.

"Hypnotherapy helped me to release the old programming that had interfered with my ability to think clearly. Freed from the knee-jerk response to these situations, my mind can once again reason and create at will. Hypnotherapy has helped me to become the person that I am and always was--it has helped me move on to discover my full potential as a human being."

K. Ratch, Scientist

  • "The day before I saw you, I weighed 184. Yesterday I was 176.4. Three weeks of obvious success! The great thing is that I don't feel deprived nor do I feel like I'm on a diet. YEAH! I feel like this is the beginning of a life change of moderation & control over what was out of control eating."

C. Glasco, Nurse

  • "[After going on disability due to anxiety and agoraphobia], I am back to work, and everything is great! I feel good! Returning to work really was no big deal at all. I just walked in, went to my locker, put my work boots on, went and punched in, went out in the plant and just had at her. I can't thank you enough!"

J. Anthony, Packing Plant Employee


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